14K Rosaries

The Rosary, from Latin rosarium "rose garden", is a traditional popular devotion in the Roman Catholic Church. The term denotes both a set of prayer beads and a system of set prayers to be said as the beads are told. The Rosary combines prayer and meditation centered on sequences of reciting the Lord's Prayer followed by ten recitations of the "Hail Mary" prayer and a single recitation of "Glory Be to the Father". Each of these sequences is known as a decade. Europa Jewelers proudly presents it's 14K GOLD ROSARY COLLECTION imported directly from the HOLY LAND JERUSALEM, Israel, Italy, and Mexico. Choose from a large variety of yellow, white or tricolor gold offered at discounted low prices guaranteed! EuropaJewelers.com is known for high quality, unsurpassed customer service and affordable prices! Our gold Rosary necklaces and bracelets are guaranteed 14K Solid Gold with prices 70% below standard retail jewelry prices.